Location: 3-2


Please explain what alternatives, other than the ones provided in the filing that relate to alternative energy options and no action, the company has considered relating to siting options throughout southern New England for this facility, including the criteria utilized for eliminating these other alternative sites that led to the selection of the Clear River site.

Response: Please see the pre-file testimony of John Niland filed with the Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) on April 22, 2016 discussing the alternative technologies considered. Regarding alternative sites, Invenergy investigated several sites in the SEMA/RI zone using criteria for sites or areas that have both existing gas and electric infrastructure and proper zoning that could support a project of the type proposed. Invenergy identified several areas that had potential, but those areas were eliminated due to insufficient gas pipeline capacity, insufficient electric transmission capacity or inadequate zoning. The Clear River Energy Center site was selected because it has all the necessary key attributes.