Personal Tax Exemptions

In 2004, the Burrillville Town Council increased exemption benefits across the board and also simplified the program. Prior to 2004, exemptions were expressed on the tax bill as a reduction in the assessed value which in turn, decreased the tax amount. Now, all of our exemptions just show the tax credit amount (how much the bill is decreased in actual tax dollars).

Exemption benefits are available for low income seniors and low income disabled property owners. Refer to the charts below.
Previously, the Disabled Exemption was only available to those receiving Social Security Disability benefits. For 2007, 100% disabled property owners that are not on Social Security Disability might also qualify for this exemption. Please contact the Assessing Department for more information. A Disabled Exemption Application can be downloaded here.

In 2006 changes were made in State law pertaining to Veteran exemptions. These changes can be viewed here. Some veterans that did not qualify for the exemption in the past may now qualify. Please contact the Assessing Department for more information.  There is no application for this exemption.  Simply present the Veteran's DD-214 to the Assessor's Office to see if you qualify.  If you need to request a copy, a form can be downloaded here.

Anyone who received the senior or disabled exemption last year and anyone who inquired about the programs will receive information and an application in the mail by the end of the year. A Senior Exemption Application can be downloaded here.

Tax Credit Amount by Exemption Type

Income Chart for Seniors & Disabled Exemptions