BA Program

The B.E.C. program begins for students before the school day starts at 6:30 a.m. at all Three Elementary schools located throughout Burrillville.  The Before school program will continue through the morning until students are dismissed to their classrooms at 8:30 a.m.  Then we will re-open our doors immediately following the end of the school day until 6 p.m.

The B.E.C. School Age program offers parents and students Before School, After School programming as well as FULL DAY CARE for specific Holidays, School Professional Development Days, School Vacation Days.  We also provided FULL DAY CARE for the entire summer when we open our B.E.C. Summer Camp at the end of the school year.

B.E.C. provides a Safe, Friendly, Reliable and Structured environment for your School Age student.  Even when school is not in session, children need to be actively engaged in an environment where parents can rest assure their child is safe, happy and healthy.  We offer a structured environment that focuses on learning, social skills and fun.  The B.E.C. program offers field trips, engaging onsite activities, and opportunities for children to complete their homework with assistance from the staff.  We also offer fun physical activities, that promote teamwork and team building.   

Before School

Before School:

Mornings at B.E.C. are filled with activities to help get your child ready to start their day!  When your child arrives to one of our centers ready to begin their day, they will be given the opportunity to choose activities based on their interests and engage in structured activities, such as a game up in the gym or a fun arts and crafts activity.  If your child doesn't have time to eat breakfast, they may bring it with them.  We can also make sure your child eats breakfast at school if that is the plan. Staff then make sure that all children are brought to their proper areas before their school day begins.  






After School:

B.E.C. Staff ensure that all children arrive at their Center when the school day ends based on their schedule.  Children will take a break from their school day and enjoy a nutritious snack and socialize with their friends.  Homework can be completed during this time as well.  However, this isn't mandatory.  We will post a Homework request sheet at each center.  You may sign your child up if you would like them to complete their homework while at B.E.C.  We still recommend going over your child's work nightly at home.  Every afternoon, weather permitting, the children will have outdoor recess.  This will allow the time needed for the children to get their energy out!  Towards the end of the afternoon, staff will have fun and exciting activities each day that the children will be able to choose from.