Town of Burrillville's Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the Town of Burrillville’s official guide for making decisions about growth and development.

The plan is a summary of the goals, objectives, policies, strategies, programs and projects that will enable the Town to achieve its mission of focusing on the future, working together to build strong neighborhoods, develop a sound economy and provide a safe community.

The comprehensive plan is a plan for the orderly growth and development of the Town and its environs. The plan should facilitate the movement of people and goods, and the health, safety, and general welfare for the citizens of the Town.

This plan is the result of the efforts of the Town of Burrillville's Planning Department and was prepared for the Burrillville Town Council and Burrillville Planning Board.

Current Comprehensive Plan (as of 12/2011)

Table of Contents

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
Chapter VIII
Chapter IX
Chapter X

Natural and Cultural Resources
Community Services and Facilities
School Facilities
Housing and Affordable Housing Strategy
Ecnonomic Development
Open Space, Conservation & Recreation
Open Space Conservation Recreation Plan (SCORP)
Land Use
Implentation Plan


The purpose of the study is to identify opportunities, constraints and resources available to improve the physical and economic conditions of the village, and unlock dormant redevelopment opportunities that may result in an overall enhancement of the quality of living in Pascoag.

Plan for re-use and redevelopment of the Stillwater Mill area in Harrisville

Rt. 102 (Bronco Highway) is the route of entry to Burrillville for most residents and visitors.  Development of vacant tracts of land should be undertaken in a systematic program of orderly development, in accordance with a comprehensive plan that protects natural and cultural resources and maintains free flowing traffice conditions