According to DEM…

threat of invasive species

Invasive species is another complex threat to wildlife and habitat that follows development and which is only partially addressed through the wetland review process. DEM tries to ensure that applicants minimize impacts. However, its inability to account for most upland areas once again limits its capacity to do so. Even with a dedicated and diligent land manager, the time and resources required to monitor and control the spread of invasive species following disturbance can be quite extensive.

The Town of Burrillville recognizes that a pull-quote does not tell the whole story. In our point-of-view, this excerpt is indicative. While DEM was unable to draw definitive conclusions, the Town of Burrillville concludes that this power plant is not needed and is harmful to Burrillville, Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Follow these links to read the DEM advisories and drawn your own conclusions: [9-12-16 DEM Advisory Opinion] and [8-15-17 DEM Supplemental Advisory]

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