RI Municipalities Oppose CREC

Invenergy Is Trying to Silence Them

News Release   
October 11, 2017

Contact: Dyana Koelsch

Bulk of RI Municipalities Oppose CREC Power Plant-
Now Invenergy Is Trying to Silence Them

Burrillville, RI:  In an extraordinary maneuver, Invenergy has filed a motion with the Energy Facility Siting Board seeking to suppress the opinions from 32 Rhode Island Cities and Towns.  Those communities over the course of the past several months have filed their opposition with the EFSB- making the point that the proposed Invenergy plant is a statewide issue- and not just about Burrillville.  Invenergy is calling the municipal opposition resolutions, “irrelevant”.

“We know that pollution doesn’t stop at Town lines, we know that  contiguous forestland, wildlife protection and water preservation are issues of importance to the entire state,” said Burrillville Town Council President John Pacheco.

 The EFSB is the primary decision maker on the Invenergy application. It has the power to override municipal zoning and planning. The intent of the EFSB Act is to make sure decisions on energy plants are made based not just on what one community wants, but on what is best for the entire state. 

“It is clear that the almost every City and Town in the state opposes the proposed plant- and the EFSB needs to fully hear that information and to include the overwhelming statewide sentiment in its deliberations,” said Pacheco.  “While Invenergy has attempted to label this as a NIMBY issue- the opposition is widespread.  This is typical of Invenergy- when it can’t win on the facts- it distorts and misleads and tries to bully the opposition into silence.”

 (NOTE: map on communities opposing power plant and Invenergy motion attached)

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