Why should EFSB dismiss the CREC application?


When the Town of Burrillville insists that there is not enough information in Invenergy’s application to build the Clear River Energy Center, we are not saying simply that we don’t think so. The application does not meet the requirements of Rhode Island state law or the Energy Facility Siting Board regulations. The burden in on Invenergy to provide all documents required by law for a complete pre-licensing application, including “complete plans as to all structures” for its proposed facility. Since Invenergy has failed to do so, its application should be dismissed with prejudice.

Follow this link to read the details of the Town’s argument filed with the EFSB this week.

Coming this week!
The Energy Facility Siting Board has scheduled the hearing on the Town of Burrillville’s motion to dismiss. The hearing is September 15, 2017. A copy of the notice is attached.

Here are links to the pertinent documents: