Town Issued Licenses

Trade Name Registration
All businesses are required by Rhode Island State Law to register their trade name in the town clerk’s office.  Forms are available in the office during regular business hours.  There is a one-time fee of $10.00 to register a trade name. Click here to download Trade Name Certificate. Fill out and sign the form, it can be notarized at the Town Hall. 

Click here to go to the Burrillville Tax Assessor's page for information about reporting of tangible personal property for businesses.

RI Secretary of State's Business Information Center
For additional information on starting a business in the State of Rhode Island, consult the Secretary of State’s Business Information Center on-line or by phone.  The Center works with individual clients to put together a business-specific package with all the forms and applications needed to launch a business.

Business Information Center
Located at 100 North Main Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903
Phone: 401-222-2185 Fax: 401-222-3890
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Town Issued Licenses
The Burrillville Town Council is the licensing authority for the Town.  Please consult with the town clerk’s office and the Office of the Zoning Official regarding licenses that may be required for your business.

The following is a general overview of requirements for various business licenses.  Please call the Town Clerk’s Office at (401) 568-4300 or stop by the Town Building at 105 Harrisville Main St., Harrisville, for more specific information.

All licenses are subject to:

  • Compliance with all State and Local laws and regulations
  • Town Council approval - click here for Council meeting schedule and agenda deadlines
  • Criminal records check - click here to download a Criminal Records Check Authorization Form
  • Proof of general liability insurance in the form of a Certificate of Liability Insurance.  See the Town Clerk’s Office for minimum insurance requirements.
  • Inspections and written approval from the Building Official and Fire Marshal where applicable
  • Payment of all local taxes owed to the Town

Other Requirements
See below for specific license descriptions.  Click on the license type to download an application.

Arcade – Required for any arcade operating in the Town.
Expiration:     December 31 of each year
License Fee:  $350.00

Entertainment - Required for any show, exhibit, performance or dance including events with a band or DJ.
Expiration:  November 30 of each year
License Fees:   
Annually - $150.00
Quarterly - $40.00
Special Event - $5.00 per day

Firearms – Required for any firearms dealer.
Expiration:  December 31 of each year
License Fee:  $5.00

Hawkers & Peddlers – Required for door-to-door salespersons.         
Expiration:  December 31 of each year
License Fee:  $5.00

Junk Collecting/Junk Yard/Rubbish – Required to operate a junk yard or to collect junk within the Town.  A Rubbish License is required to pick up, unload or transport rubbish or garbage within the Town.  A $1,000 bond is required for a Rubbish License.
Expiration:  December 31 of each year
License Fees:
Junk Yard - $50.00
Junk Collecting - $5.00
Rubbish - $25.00 per truck

Liquor – Required for the sale of alcoholic beverages.  A new annual liquor license requires notification of abutters via certified mail, advertisement and a public hearing.  A certificate of Good Standing from the RI Department of Taxation is required for all liquor licenses.  Department of Health regulations will apply to B(victualer) licenses.  See Victualer License requirements below.

Class A - Retailer
License Fee:  $500.00

Class B (victualer) – Restaurant License
License Fee:  $400.00

Class D – Club license
License Fee:  $200.00

Class F (Beer and wine)/F1 (Full Liquor) – Special Event License for religious organizations, state non-business corporations and political organizations only.
License Fee:  
Class F - $15.00
Class F1 - $35.00

Private Detective – Required for anyone hired for the purpose of conducting investigations involving: inquiries into unsolved crimes, clandestine surveillance, the search for missing persons and the search for lost or stolen property. A $5,000.00 bond is required.
Expiration:  One year after issuance
License Fee:  $150.00

Sunday/Holiday – A Holiday License is required for any business which plans to operate on State Holidays.  A Sunday/Holiday License is required for Class A Liquor Licenses holders to operate on Sundays and State Holidays.
Expiration:     December 31 of each year
License Fee:  $5.00

Victualer – Required for a business where food is prepared and/or consumed on the premises.  Inspection and written approval from the Department of Health is required.
Expiration:  November 30 of each year
License Fee:
Annually - $10.00
Special Event - $10.00