Employment Application Notice

Town of Burrillville, Rhode Island

The Town of Burrillville has many diverse employment opportunities available.  Full, part time, temporary and seasonal; management/supervisory, administrative, public safety, skilled and unskilled labor.

Positions may require a physical examination, a full criminal background check and drug/alcohol testing as permitted by law (see R.I.G.L. §28-6.5-2) as a prequalification to hiring. All permanent positions are subject to probationary periods.

  • The application form may be downloaded and printed.
  • All applications must be completed, signed and dated by the applicant and brought or mailed to the office as instructed on the application or position advertisement.
  • Please be advised that applications that are mailed or faxed are not assured to be received.  The applicant should call to verify that the application has been received and received within the time frame required.
  • Applications on file more than three (3) months will be updated and resubmitted at the request of the town.  Applications on file more than six (6) months shall be deemed inactive, null and void.

The Town of Burrillville is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Download the employment application here.