Burrillville is a beautiful place to call home.  The Adopt-A-Spot program has been in place for several years and draws on the generosity of others to help beautify our town.  Areas within the town have been selected and identified as Adopt-A-Spot locations.  Each space can be uniquely designed and kept up by volunteer sponsors. As a sponsor, you are welcome to erect a sign identifying your group or business.  Please consider adopting a spot of your own.  Follow this link for a list of Available Adopt A Spot Locations.
View the Guidelines and complete the Adopt-A-Spot Application if interested in becoming involved with this program.  Return the completed form to the Town Manager's office for approval via email or delivery to town hall.
This program has been in place for several years and a number of spots have already been adopted. Follow this link to see currently Sponsored Burrillville Adopt-A-Spot Locations.



Staff Contacts

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Michael C. Wood Town Manager (401) 568-4300 Ext. 145
Gail Labossiere (401) 568-4300 Ext 145