Complaints / Commendation

Whenever an individual wishes to file a complaint, against an officer of the Department,  or reccomend an officer for commendation, that individual shall be given a form to fill out and return by mail, FAX  or in person, to the Office of the Chief of Police.

Forms can be mailed to
Colonel Stephen J. Lynch, Chief of Police
Burrillville Police Department
PO Box 231
Harrisville, Rhode Island 02830

The commendation/complaint form shall be available at Police Headquarters, the Burrillville Town Hall or online.

Upon receipt of a commendation or complaint, the Office of the Chief of Police shall affix thereon the date and time of receipt.  If received via mail, the person making the commendation or complaint shall be notified, by mail or telephone of its receipt. 
If the form alleges a complaint or a violation of civil rights, the Chief of Police shall initiate an investigation into the allegations contained in the complaint.

The investigation shall be completed as expeditiously as possible and the person making the complaint informed of the results. In most instances, investigations will be completed within (90) ninety days. The Chief of Police must be advised and approve of circumstance requiring an extension of time in increments of thirty (30) days.


Last Updated: Monday, June 1, 2015