Elderly Shoveling Program


Need Help Shoveling Snow?

Burrillville Shoveling Assistance Program

If you are a senior citizen (65+), have a disability, or are dealing with an injury preventing you from shoveling, we may have the help you need. The Burrillville Police Department, and student volunteers of Burrillville High School, have teamed up to help you shovel during the winter. With this team effort, we can continue to strengthen the relationships that have made this a great community.

The registration period is open now through December 1st, at which time qualified resident will be assigned a student volunteer for the remainder of the winter, which will aid in snow removal from driveways and walkways. Those assigned a student, will not have to worry about calling the department with each pending snowstorms, to request assistance, and instead, will have a specific assigned student from the duration of the winter.

Applications are always available, and consideration will still be given to those in need of assistance after the registration period has closed; however, depending on the amount of student volunteers, there is no guarantee for assistance after the registration period has closed. We will do our best to coordinate assistance once the application period has closed, depending on the amount of students that are availble!

All interested Burrillville residents, who meet the requirements, may complete the required registration form found on the website and forward it to Officer Rebecca Carvalho; rcarvalho@burrillville.org or Officer Jennifer Baker jbaker@burrillville.org.

Inquiries from interested volunteers are also asked to contact Officers Carvalho and Baker for additional information.

**Please note: If you have participated in this program in years previous, a NEW application must be submitted this year for your name to be on the list.

Please keep in mind, this is on a volunteer basis provided by high school students, and if you need snow removed by certain times, or an extraordinary amount of snow removed, it is recommended you hire a company to meet your needs. All students are instructed they are not allowed to begin shoveling until roadways are clear and safe for them to be operating a motor vehicle, as safety is our first priority. We appreciate in your understanding of their limitations as they attempt to assist you, fee free**

All interested Burrillville residents who meet the requirements may complete the required registration form found here.

Please forward this form to Patrolwoman Rebecca Carvalho or Patrolwoman Jennifer Baker,  401-568-6255 E-mail: rcarvalho@burrillville.org or jbaker@burrillville.org