Conservation Commission

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The Burrillville Conservation Commission’s mission and goals are to protect and preserve the natural tranquility of the natural reserves, features and attributes that has defined the Town of Burrillville for over two hundred years. Burrillville’s many natural characteristics has drawn people to this community to enjoy the rural atmosphere, scenic vistas, recreational opportunities and many qualities of life that define what the town represents.  The Conservation Commission is responsible for the establishment of a seven-member party that serves as an appointed board to report directly to the town council, planning board, zoning board and the many municipal employees that constitute the town’s government.

All of the efforts of the Conservation Commission are to better protect the natural features of the town while protecting the health, safety and welfare of the residents that live here.  As the Commission continues to evolve through the succession of members past and present, the one goal that remains continued is the devotion to uphold the tranquil, natural and rural quality of life within Burrillville.

Local Project Sites

Clear River Canoe Launch
Burrillville Conservation Commission's Clear River Canoe Launch accesses the lower reaches of the Clear River in Burrillville. Follow the link for a description of the site, location, rules and to view a slide show.

Gateway Project
Please click here to find out more information on the Route 102 Gateway Project Welcome to Burrillville Adopt A Spot, a scenic entrance into Burrillville.

Joseph O. "Brock" Blanchard Memorial Management Area - Nipmuc River Trail
213 acres of town owned conservation area allows for freshwater hiking, fishing, hunting, and bird watching.  Please click here to learn more about the Site Rules, Location, Map and trail guide.  Click below to review a comprehensive ecology study of the site with more specific information for the end user:  Ecological and Land Management Survey

Wallum Lake Canoe Launch
This site, maintained by the Burrillville Conservation Commission, is located off South Shore Road along the southern shores of Wallum Lake. It provides access to Wallum Lake for hand carried boats only. No motorized boats may be launched here. There is a small gravel parking lot and from there a short path leading to the portage site. Click here for more information on the Site Rules, Location and access provisions.

Board Members


Richard Dionne



Michael Scurka

Vice Chair


Leslie Bowen



Joseph Lavallee, Jr.



Jose Pedro



Greg Devlin