Addiction Assistance Program

The Burrillville Addiction Assistance Program is an innovative program created to build a bridge between Burrillville residents and addiction treatment and recovery support services.  Our Mission is to end the fear and stigma associated with addiction and law enforcement and create a level of trust within the community.  If needed you can turn in your drugs or paraphernalia without fear of arrest.

Addiction is a disease - treatment is effective - and recovery is POSSIBLE.

The Program is facilitated by Michelle Harter, a Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional for the State of Rhode Island, a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and a Recovery Coach Professional - 401-710-9054.

There is no fee for any of the services provided by the Program.


For Immediate Assistance

  • Call Burrillville PD  568-6255 
  • (401) 942-STOP
  • AA Central Service RI - (401) 438-8860
  • Michelle 710-9054


Burrillville Addiction Assistance Facebook page link at