Online Tax Payments

You can view and pay your tax bill online:

Follow this link to:

  • View unpaid balances
  • See your transaction history for current tax year
  • Pay your bill online with a debit or credit card (there is a 3% [minimum $2.00] fee [collected by a third party] to pay by debit or credit card; debit cards must have a Visa or Mastercard symbol).

To access the online services, you will need your tax bill.  The login information is the account number and PIN, both located at the top of the bill.  If you do not have your tax bill, you can recover your information here if you have registered your email address with the Tax Collector's office.  Otherwise, the Tax Collector’s office can look up the account number and PIN for you during regular Town Hall business hours. 

Unfortunately, credit card payments cannot be made over the phone.