Violation Tags

You received an Orange Violation Tag because trash or recyclables placed curbside at your property are in violation of Section 22 of the Burrillville Town Ordinance: Solid Waste.  Your carts were improperly prepared (lid not fully closed/material sticking out), or an unacceptable item was placed curbside for collection or an unacceptable item was placed in your cart. Please follow the directions on the Orange Tag for proper disposal of the unacceptable items.

If your trash was not collected because you received a Orange Violation Tag you must hold the trash until next week or bring it to the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC).  RIRRC charges a fee to dispose of solid waste.  Call RIRRC at 942-1430 for more information.  If you are holding it until next week and there isn't enough room in your cart, you can purchase Town Over Flow bags at IGA in Pascoag or at the Department of Public Works and place the additional trash in the Over Flow bag next to your cart on trash day.

You received a Green Cart Placement Error Tag  because your carts were placed curbside in a manner that made it impossible for Waste Management to empty them.  Please correct this error before next week's collection by following these tips:

  • Place carts no more than 3 feet from the curb or road edge
  • Place carts 3 feet from each other or place one cart on each side of the driveway
  • Place carts 3 feet from other objects such as mailboxes, telephone poles, cars etc.
  • Arrows on cart lid must face the street, cart handles face the house

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You received a Yellow Violation Tag because a bulky item or your trash and recycling carts were left curbside for more than 24 hours after your scheduled collection day.  Please remove trash and recycling carts and/or follow direction on the tag for proper disposal of bulky items.

Please contact The Recycling Coordinator if you have additional questions/concerns.  Send email or call 568-4440 x12