Green Team

What is the Green Team?
The Green Team is anyone in Town who is making an effort to be more "green" by making sustainable lifestyle choices that help reduce waste and pollution.  The Green Team is comprised of families who recycle, residents who help clean roadways, wooded areas, ponds and parks in Town, business owners and school staff who take the time to separate recyclables, students who remember to recycle at school, teachers that offer recycled crafts and environmental lessons, families using cloth shopping bags and CFL bulbs, residents participating in the Earth Day Cleanup and Eco Depot Events, families unplugging appliances when not in use and turning off lights when leaving a room.  Anyone who makes an effort to reduce their carbon footprint in some way is part of the Green Team!  If you would like to share your efforts or tell us about someone that is extraordinarily green, please contact Andrea Hall.

Team Up to Clean Up!
If you would like to join the Green Team and are looking for an area to clean up please send email to Andrea Hall or call 568-4440 x12.

Thank You Green Team!

Check out resident efforts to Keep Burrillville Beautiful in 2016

Many thanks to Kevin and Kathy Butler who did a huge cleanup of Duck Pond during our Annual Earth Day Cleanup on April 23rd.


Mrs. Suprenant's first grade class from A.T. Levy visited the landfill to learn what happens to all of our recyclables! 







Fourth and fifth grade students at Callahan Elementary joined the Town’s Recycling Coordinator and the Jesse Smith Library’s Children’s Librarian for a Make-It, Take-It Craft.   Students made all sorts of cool creations  from recycled items! 







Students in Alyssa Iadarola's class at Tri-Town Head Start in Pascoag participated in a recycled craft with the Town's Recycling Coordinator.  They made spring flower gardens from recycled materials! The flowers were cut from seed packets and the grass was made from grocery store bags.


They also started seeds in recycled containers and have been making recycled creations at home.  Way to go guys!!


Check out resident efforts to Keep Burrillville Beautiful in 2015
Resident and Green Team member Robert Charpentier volunteered to pick up litter during the Green Festival on September 19th.  Robert is also working with us to plan a litter clean up in November.  Thank you Robert for all of your efforts to Keep Burrillville Beautiful!


Resident Paul Legare frequently picks up litter as he walks along Douglas Turnpike.  He has recycled a toboggan from a previous litter clean up into a trash receptacle that he fastens to his belt and drags along behind him as he walks.   While out enjoying our beautiful scenic roadways Paul enjoys helping to keep them beautiful by making sure they stay litter-free.  Thanks Paul!!


For resident Adam Kane, every day is Earth Day. Adam can often be spotted picking up litter all around parks, parking lots, wooded areas, and in and around lakes. Thank you Adam for all of your efforts to help Keep Burrillville Beautiful!!

Burrillville Clean & Green Team at work in the summer of 2015
Michael Bartolomei, Stephanie Laythe, Thomas Libby, Derek Santos, David Polttila, and Daniel Scott at work Keeping Burrillville Beautiful picking up litter and improving White Mill Park.




Check out resident efforts to Keep Burrillville Beautiful in 2014
AT Levy  is working on a Recycled Garden Project!  The goal is to have as many items as possible made from recycled materials. Seeds will be sprouted in recycled containers and plant are being donated.  Students will have the opportunity to dig in the dirt, check out some worms, learn how to plant and care for seedlings, and experience the scents and feel of different herbs.  If you would like to donate items or plants or volunteer to help, please send email to Andrea Hall or call 568-4440 x12.

AT Levy found a great way to resuse some items from the lost and found!


Dave Chenot pulled out 28 tires, 3 plastic toys, and 1 scary doll from a pond on Buxton St. in September.

Volunteers cleaned up around Spring Lake Beach in October and found an old compressor.