Tax Payment Methods

Payment Options:

  • New! We can now withdraw directly from your bank account for free. Fill out a form here.
  • Mail to the address shown on the bill, or send an email with a subject line "ACH".
  • In person at the Town Hall, 105 Harrisville Main Street, Harrisville.  Cash, check or credit card accepted (Visa and Mastercard only).  If you are paying at the window, you will need to have the card with you. The fees remain the same whether paying online or in the office. 
  • Online: Your account number and PIN (located at the top of your bill) is needed to complete the transaction.
  • Utilizing the drop box near the back door at the Town Hall, 105 Harrisville Main Street, Harrisville (check or money order only, no cash) if you wish to receive a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed envelope or an email with your payment.  Although the box is emptied daily, the Town cannot be held responsible for any cash payments that would be left there.