Out of State Vehicle Registration

Right to Operate a Vehicle on out of state registration
Residents garaging out of state vehicles in Burrillville should contact the Town Assessor’s Office for information on exemptions that would allow the vehicle to be garaged in the Town of Burrillville.

Out of state registrations that qualify for an exemption must file an annual report with the Assessor’s Office at Town Hall to avoid potential violations.


  • Vehicle is a company vehicle registered to the operator’s employer
  • Vehicle is a lease vehicle registered to leasing company in another state.
  • Military exemption cited within RIGL §31-7-1(c)
  • Vehicle is a rental vehicle (limited time frame)
  • Vehicle is a temporary loaner vehicle (limited time frame)

Additional exemptions may be granted based on a particular circumstance.
For additional information please call 401-568-4300 ext.125 or 126 or