Storm Drains

Storm Drain Stenciling Program
Department of Public Works has stenciled all the town owned and maintained storm drains.  You may notice some of the drains indicate "DRAINS TO STREAM".  This simply means that the drain has been inventoried and also lets the public know that the drain does not tie into some speacial treatment system making it ok to dump down the drain.  

These marked drains tie right into the waterways where you and your children fish and swim.


Clogged Storm Drain 
If you live in an area that may be subject to periodic flooding during heavy rains and the DPW crews have not yet cleared a storm drain near your residence, DPW asks for your assistance by unclogging the drain(s).  If you are unable to clear/clean a drain that is clogged near your house, please report it by contacting the department at 568-4440 or the police department at 568-6255.  It is difficult for the DPW crews to cover every road during the Fall when drains are most prone to clogging.  Please help us, help you!