Mailbox Damage

The Public Works Department works very hard to keep the streets of Burrillville clear of snow and ice.  We ask that residents please be patient if their street is not one of the first to be plowed.  Please remember, we have well over 100 miles of roads which need to be opened.  Main roads will be cleared first, followed by side roads, then public ways.  Private ways and State roads are not maintained by the Town.

Keeping the roads free of obstacles is a great help; this includes trash and recycle carts, and observing parking bans.  Also, once the town has plowed the street, it is prohibited for residents to plow/deposit snow/ice into the street.

After a storm, there can be many broken mailboxes commonly caused by being hit by slush and/or snow and occassionally hit by the plow

If you believe your mailbox was hit by a plow, the DPW asks for your assistance by 1) fixing it yourself, and 2) putting up a temporary box until a permanent one can be installed.  Please contact the Department of Public Works, and we will send someone out to assess the damage. We appreciate your patience and understanding, as storm cleanup takes priority.  

If we determine your mailbox was hit by a plow, the Town will take full responsibility and will replace with a standard pole/mailbox in the existing location; however, we cannot be responsible for items that are damaged in the wake of the snow/slush. Monetary compensation will not be offered in lieu of mailbox replacement.

Mailbox complaints must be made, in writing, within 72 hours of the storm damage.  Please click here for our policy and downloadable form or pick one up at the DPW office.  Completed forms can be dropped off or mailed to the DPW office.  Forms can also be emailed to  Please note, this email is for COMPLETED CLAIM FORMS ONLY.

**If you live on a State Road, please call the DOT Chepachet office at 568-5373**