Burrillville Weekend Snack Pack Program


A not for profit joint effort

between Burrillville Parks and Recreation, the Berean Baptist Church, the Burrillville Lions Club &

the Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library to provide weekend food for needy Burrillville youth.

Burrillville Weekend Snack Pack Program


For many years a small group of Burrillville volunteers provided weekend meals for needy Burrillville school children. 

Each week the volunteers would drop off backpacks to the schools that were filled with enough non-perishable food and snacks to last for the weekend.  

Abruptly this group dissolved at the end of December 2013 due to lack of funding.  There was little notice, and no plan to continue to provide for these children. 

In January 2014 a partnership was formed between the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Berean Baptist Church, the Jesse Smith Memorial Library,

and the Burrillville Lions Club, to continue the program and help these needy students.

Volunteers on behalf of the above mentioned organizations pick up the food at the grocery store, and help pack and distribute the weekly bags. 

The program is run solely by volunteers and is supported 100% by donations and volunteer fundraising

Non-Perishable Food Donations Needed:

Single Serve Cereal

Single Serve Oatmeal/Cream of Wheat Packets

Fruit Cups/Apple Sauce

Instant Breakfast Packets

Ramen Noodles

Saltine/Ritz/Graham Crackers

Mac & Cheese (Boxes or Single Serve)

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Canned Kid’s Meals (Spaghetti-o’s, Soup, Beefaroni etc.)

Canned Tuna & Chicken

Canned Spaghetti Sauce with Meat


Granola Bars

Fruit Snacks

Peanut Butter Crackers

Cheese & Crackers

Pop Tarts

Single Serve Raisins or Nuts

Pudding Cups

Microwave Popcorn

Juice Boxes

Shelf Stable Single Serve Milk Boxes

Single Serve Cookies

Gluten Free Items



Volunteers Needed!

Packing Sessions—help pack the weekly bags of food

Fundraising—assist with organizing fundraisers & selling raffle tickets to benefit the program at Town events

Drop Box Location—set up a drop box for food items

Contact:  The Parks and Recreation

Department at 568-9470 or


Monthly Cost and Students Served

There are approximately 50 children in Burrillville who receive the weekly backpacks of food. 

These children attend Steere Farm, W.L. Callahan, A.T. Levy, Burrillville Middle, and

Burrillville High Schools.

The average monthly cost of the food to feed these children each weekend is $1,200-$1,500

Bags of food are packed by volunteers every 8-12 weeks. 

Packing Sessions are held at the Beckwith-Bruckshaw Lodge.