Snow Removal

The Department of Public Works plows and sands over 100 miles of roads.  Main roads will be cleared first, followed by side roads, then public ways.  Private ways and State roads are not maintained by the Town. The Town will begin scraping roads once the snow is between 2-3" deep.  Roads are first treated with a sand/salt mixture.  Unlike the State, Burrillville and most Towns do not have a bare road policy.  The State treats the roads with straight salt, the Towns do not.  Several passes with the plow may be required to open the roads properly.  During heavy snow storms, deep, heavy snow is problematic for everyone - for plow drivers as well as residents.  We ask for your patience and understanding during these unusual snow events.  Please help us out by keeping vehicles and objects out of the road.  Drivers do not intentionally push snow onto private property; however, it is very possible that the wake will end up on your property or in your driveway.  This is beyond our control and we greatly appreciate your understanding.  After the roads have been cleared, it is prohibited for residents to put snow/ice/slush back into the road.

Once the roads and sidewalks have been cleared, we will address individual issues.  If your mailbox has been damaged, please click here.


  • Drive slowly; allow extra space between cars and extra time to stop.  Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.
  • Stay off the road if you can.  If you MUST commute to work, plan to leave extra early or perhaps stay with a friend or co-worker who lives close to work.
  • Do not pass the plow truck and stay back 50 feet.  Plows often need to back up in unexpected places.
  • Observe parking bans, do not put your car in the road while cleaning your driveway.  Plows have a very difficult time maneuvering around parked cars and cannot properly plow the road if cars are in the way.
  • Remove items from the side of the road such as trash and recycle carts.
  • If you see or hear the plow approaching, please get out of the way.  The snow flies far and hard, and there could be ice or other hidden objects in the snow which could cause injury.  Do not allow children or pets near the street or the end of driveways when the roads are being plowed.
  • Once the roads have been plowed, it is prohibited for residents to shovel or push snow back onto the road.  If we observe this, the police will be notified.

Ordinance - Sec. 24-6 Deposit of Snow and Ice

  • If you need to call or stop by the office, please extend the same courtesy you would expect to receive.  Rude and/or offensive calls and visits will not be addressed or tolerated

Snow Removal FAQ