Drugs/Narcotics Tip Line Number

A Message From Colonel Stephen J. Lynch And Members Of The Burrillville Police Department:

We need your help to address those that profit from the sale of illegal drugs and by the addiction and possible death of others.

And your help is needed for those that can’t help themselves.

Since December 31, 2014, this community has seen the unfortunate and preventable deaths of 6 individuals -- all due to narcotics overdoses. These deaths have impacted the lives of many Burrillville families.

The Burrillville Police Department is committed to protecting this community in all ways possible, through enforcement, education and treatment.

Tackling this problem requires your support in a variety of ways.  Enforcement efforts are quite often based upon information and cooperation with the police department.  We need your help in attacking this problem.  Any information regarding narcotics sales and trafficking will be kept confidential.  The call you make could save a life and quite possibly the life of a loved one.  The Police department has enacted a Narcotics Tips Line of 401-371-2553.  All calls to the NARCOTICS TIPS LINE will be kept confidential.  

Currently there are 5 active Police Department Members on the Town’s Anti Substance Abuse Task Force, which is co-chaired by Burrillville School Superintendent Dr. Frank Pallotta and myself.  The Task Force is comprised of School Personnel, Police Department members, elected officials, Fire Personnel, and members from throughout the community.  The Task Force has focused its efforts through speaking programs and drug awareness presentations within the schools and look to expand by reaching those that are struggling with addiction within the community.  The Police Department in conjunction with the School Department has also deployed Officer David Beauchemin fulltime as the School Resource Officer to assist in guiding our children in all five schools.

For those that need help in beating their addiction, we have provided contact numbers to the below listed resources and treatment centers.  Getting clean, and staying clean, saves lives.  

Please help us protect this community. Addiction has killed and will continue to kill in this beautiful and strong town.  However there is nothing beautiful or strong about what has taken away lives at such an alarming rate since December 31st 2014.  
Recovery Links and Information for Northern Rhode Island

Community Mental Health Centers
Community Care Alliance  401-235-7120
Well One Behavioral Health Ctr  401-568-7661 x3
Gateway – Johnston  401-553-1031
Gateway – Pawtucket   401-723-1915

Detox Services
Phoenix House Detox Ctr 401-295-0960
SStar  401-294-0419

Opiate Treatment Programs (Methadone)
Discovery House  401-762-1511
Journey to Hope, Health &Healing 401-946-0650
Addiction Recovery Institute  401-725-2520
Ctr for Treatment and Recovery  401-727-1287

2-1-1 is the statewide resource center for information and referrals, and it comes with the support and expertise of a national network of referral experts.

2-1-1 provides a trained and caring human connection – a call specialist – who helps people find assistance on everything from childcare needs and mental health issues, food and heating assistance, to gambling problems and elder care services. In the event of a significant storm or natural disaster, United Way 2-1-1 in Rhode Island support state agencies and connects people to critical services.

The call to 211 is free and confidential, and is available 24 hours a day, every day.