Local Rules for Probate Procedures

...in the Town of Burrillville (Amended September 25, 2007)

1. The Probate Court of the Town of Burrillville regular sessions meet the last Wednesday of the month at 1:00 o'clock P.M. in the Town Building, Council Chambers.

2. The Guardian Ad Litem need not be present in Court in an uncontested matter, provided his/her report has been filed with the court within the timeframes established by statute.

3. Affidavit of time spent, work done and hourly rate for attorneys and fiduciaries are required as part of accounting.

4.  Attorneys functioning as fiduciaries are not entitled to bill their professional rate on work done as fiduciary for matters which are merely administrative or clerical.

5. Use of State Wide Forms is mandatory.

6. Original notice of no tax due and original paid or receipted funeral bill must be filed with final accounting.

7. Fees for services as Guardian shall not exceed $40.00 per hour absent compelling circumstances.

8. Special sessions are scheduled for emergency reasons upon prior approval of the Court.

9. Deadline for filing cases that are scheduled for Regular Sessions shall be 24 hours prior to regular scheduled sessions.

10.  Appraisals in support of a petition to sell real estate must be notarized and supported by photographs of the property which is the subject of the petition.  An appraisal of a listing broker or co-broker of the subject property will not be accepted.

Enter by Order:  Pierre G. Rondeau, Probate Judge