Data Requests

When the Town of Burrillville hired a team of expert consultants in early 2016, they were directed to scrutinize the Invenergy application to construct the Clear River Energy Center power plant in Burrillville, RI. The on-going result of that analysis is a series of data requests. As of now, there have been twenty-three sets of data requests comprised of more than 275 detailed questions.

In keeping with the Energy Facility Siting Board rules, the Town, as intervenors, submits their data requests through the EFSB to the applicant, Invenergy. In some cases, the responses have raised additional questions which also have been submitted for more information.
It's been noted before that the EFSB has posted the data requests and the related responses as they are received. They're available on the   EFSB website here.
The Town's technical team has compiled the data requests and data responses by subject. The town is publishing the questions and answers on the town website by topic. These are being updated as the process continues to evolve. You can find links to the topics on the left side of this page.
It's important to note that the "responses" are not the town's work product. They are the answers provided by Invenergy and are subject to further investigation by the town consultants. It's the consultants' views of the proposal and the responses by Invenergy that were the basis for their reports and recommendations to the Burrillville Planning and Zoning boards and ultimately to the EFSB.