Enbridge (Spectra Energy)


The construction projects at the Spectra/Algonquin compressor station site are not part of the proposed power plant project known as the Clear River Energy Center (CREC).

The Spectra projects are under the sole jurisdiction of the Federal Government and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Neither the State of Rhode Island, nor the Town of Burrillville has any specific jurisdiction over work performed at the compressor station site located at 54 Algonquin Lane, Pascoag, RI.

The Town and local abutters within a half mile of the site are notified and should be familiar with past construction on site and future plans for the site.  If you are an abutter within a half mile radius and are not receiving notices, please contact the Town Manager’s office at 568-4300 ext. 145.

The Town has monitored this work in the past and will continue to do so within the limits of our jurisdiction.  The impact these projects have on the quality of life for the abutters and Town as a whole is important and the Town Council will do what it can to maintain a good quality of life for those potentially affected.