Operations: 4-26

What Hazmat capabilities will be in place at the plant?

Please see 4-24 for a list of commodities and chemicals that will be stored at the plant.  The Hazmat plans are as follows:

A.  Diesel Oil - dike around the storage tank, double wall underground pipe and lined membrane around the oil delivery truck unloading station.  These design features will contain oil spills. The area around the fuel oil storage tanks will also have a foam-based fire suppression systems designed to protect the fuel oil-based hazards and meet applicable NFPA codes and standards.

B.  Aqueous ammonia - the tank will be contained in a concrete containment area sized to hold the contents of the tank. 

C.  Chemicals - all chemical totes will be placed in a concrete containment curb with a corner sump.  The associated chemical feed pumps will also be stored in the containment area.  This design feature will contain any chemical spills.  Any potential spill will be collected in the corner sump and pumped out for disposal.                                    

CREC facility personnel will receive training and certification from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (“OSHA”) pertaining to their specific job responsibilities.  In accordance with OSHA guidelines, facility personnel with the responsibility to handle chemicals on-site will be trained in the areas of safe storage and handling.  These individuals will also receive OSHA training for applicable appropriate emergency responses.  All visitors to the facility will be required to undergo a safety orientation to ensure a basic understanding of the facility and its safety and emergency response procedures.  Invenergy will also work with local emergency responders to ensure that the proper Hazmat procedures are in place at all times at the facility and that all local, state and federal safety regulations and guidance are adhered to at all times.