15-1 Diesel Fuel

Are you aware of whether any databases exist for accidents that have occurred at power plant sites, including, but not limited to, accidents that involve chemical spills, hydrogen accidents, fuel oil accidents, and/or ammonia accidents? If so, pleas



The vehicle type was obtained from the crash reports provided for the study horizon analyzed (2013-2015). From this data, it has been determined that within the truck route corridor from South Main Street at the Glocester town line to Wallum Lake Road at the proposed site entrance, there were a total of 18 truck related crashes that occurred over this three year period.


The operation of the power plant proposes a small number of ammonia and oil deliveries over the course of the year. Oil is expected to be delivered by truck 3-4 times per hour over the course of several days on rare occurrences to the facility, and ammonia deliveries are expected by truck approximately twice per month (every 15 days).


Based on the existing daily number of trucks traveling on the truck route and the expected number of trucks expected to access the proposed site, there would be an increase of approximately 1% of truck traffic along the truck route to the proposed site. Based on this, it is expected that there would be a negligible increase (a small fraction of a vehicle) of truck crashes per year along this corridor.




Maureen McMahon, McMahon Associates

Robert Smith, McMahon Associates



August 19, 2016