Property Values

1-19     Please explain how Invenergy plans to deal with the impact of diminished property values in the neighborhood.

14-1     The May 17, 2016 Market Impact Analysis prepared by MaRous & Company states that MaRous & Company has consulted on the proposed Allegheny Energy Center, the proposed Lackawanna Energy Center, the Oakwood Hills Energy Center, the Twin Forks Wind Farm, the Walnut Ridge Wind Farm, and the proposed solar farm on Long Island, NY.  Please summarize the results of the Market Impact Study conducted on these energy facilities and specifically whether MaRous & Company ever opined that any of the proposed energy facilities would have a negative impact on property values either on the neighborhood where the energy facility was located or on residential properties in the general vicinity.  Please explain your answer in detail.

14-2     In the May 17, 2016 Report, MaRous & Company stated that none of the real estate brokers interviewed believe that proximity to a power plant adversely affected the value of residential properties with which they were involved.  Please identify the name and contact information of each real estate broker you contacted in the State of Rhode Island, a summary of what you asked, and how they responded. 

14-3     In the May 17, 2016 Report, you have used somewhat similar, but different terms, including “the area of the proposed power plant,” “the general market area of the proposed power plant,” “approximate area,” and “surrounding residential properties.”  Please define each of these terms more precisely and explain how they differ, if at all.

14-4     Please explain the process you used to select each matched paired analysis in Rhode Island.

14-5     Other than the matched pair analyses set forth in the May 17, 2016 Report, was there any other analysis performed in Rhode Island?  If not, please explain why not.

14-6     Please provide a copy of the article cited in footnote 7 of the Report on page 12.