Waste Water

4-16     It appears that the set of plans includes nothing about waste water being transported off of the site by means of a sewer ejection force main line to a point of gravity flow (somewhere in the village of Pascoag) to the Town of Burrillville Sewage Treatment Plant.  It appears that this waste water is going to have more concentrated amounts of contaminates than what is pumped out of the ground from the existing contaminated aquifer.  Is this correct?  This contaminated wastewater will run through the Town of Burrillville Sewer Lines.  What is being done to insure that the wastewater will not leach into the soils surrounding the lines that it flows through?

4-17     Does the Burrillville Sewage Treatment Plant have the technology to properly treat this waste water or is it going to be dumping contaminates into the river?  If it will be dumping without treatment, will this further contaminate the land all the way to Narragansett Bay?  Please explain.

4-18     Will Invenergy agree to install a waste water pretreatment plant of its own?  If not, why not?

4-19     What is the quality of the water post condensers and pre-discharge into the system?

4-20     What, if any, treatment of the discharged water will be required prior to releasing the water back into the environment?

4-22     It appears that the discharge of the used water to the waste water treatment facility will remove the water from the aquifer cycle and then after treatment by the sewer plant send it down stream on the other side of town.  Is this correct?

5-9       Please provide details regarding the amount of all contaminants that would be going into the Clear River, together with any studies to support your response.

6-12     What is the second option for water discharge if the Burrillville Sewer Department can't handle, treat, or discharge the contaminated water?

8-2       Compositional Analysis of Wastewater Streams – Page 46 of the October 2015 application states that wastewater from the plant will be from four primary sources - wastewater from the high purity water treatment processes (reverse osmosis and EDI systems), blowdown from the steam generator (HRSG) needed to control chemistry in the stream generator, blowdown from the evaporative coolers used to control chemistry (summer use only) and sanitary wastewater from the operating staff.  In Table 6.2-2 of the October 2015 application, it seems that the application may be combining the 3 types of process water (WW from high purity water treatment, and the two blowdown sources) into a single process water stream.  Please provide a compositional analysis for all of the waste streams that may be discharged from the proposed plant to the Burrillville WWTP.

22-4 Under the water plan, is it correct that you now propose an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System ("OWTS") to treat wastewater from the office and domestic spaces? Do you agree that this will require an OWTS permit through RIDEM? Is there any potential for treated process wastewater to be introduced to this system? Please explain the details.

22-38 Do you have agreements with a treatment facility to take the wastewater? If so, please provide copies. If not, please explain why not.

23-3 Have you ever constructed a natural gas/oil fired electric generating facility of the size and magnitude of the CREC whose water treatment process was designed to utilize mobile, trailer mounted demineralization systems as a permanent component of the process?