4-9       It appears that the site slopes upward from Wallum Lake Road at an approximate elevation of 560 towards the area of development to a high point elevation of 580 at the approximate center of the area of development and then down to the western most edge of the development at the edge of the wetland buffer.  Is this correct?

4-10     It appears that access to the site requires three separate wetland crossings and the perimeter of much of the site abuts directly to the wetland buffers.  Is this correct?

4-12     It appears that storm water detention pound #1 is located within a limited upland area surrounded by wetlands.  Is this correct?  It appears that this location could cause damage to the surrounding wetlands.  Could the detention pond be relocated to a more suitable location?  If not, why not?

4-14     It appears that the “construction laydown” area abuts against wetland buffers.  Is this correct?  Exactly what is going to be stored within this area?  Please explain in detail your proposal for protection of the wetlands in this area, considering the materials being stored.

5-6       With regard to wetlands and species, please identify measures that Invenergy is proposing to reduce impact and to provide mitigation for impacts that cannot be avoided.

5-21     Will the 4 to 5 acres of permanent wetlands that will be filled and altered be restored elsewhere or replicated?  Please explain.

8-11     It appears that wetland descriptions may not have been accurately made within the vegetation section of the document.  Please explain/clarify.

8-12     It appears that there is no mention of the perennial stream associated with the wetlands.  Please explain/clarify.

8-13     It appears that there is no mention of sensitive natural areas such as vernal pools.  Please explain/clarify.

8-14     It appears that no flood storage compensation has been included if wetland/stream areas/flood plains are being impacted.  Please explain/clarify.