4-1       How much cut and fill of earthen material will be involved in this project?

4-2       How much existing material is reusable on site, how much material must be trucked off site, and how much material will need to be brought onto the site?

4-3       How many trucks will be traveling Town roads during construction of this project?

4-4   Is this a project where concrete foundations will be required to be done in a constant pour? 

4-5       Has Invenergy considered bringing a portable cement manufacturing plant onto the site to resolve the problem of trucking through the area?  If not, why not?

4-6       The plans that were incorporated into the package consist of five sheets with no details.  Please provide fully detailed plans.

4-11     Will independent environmental compliance monitoring be active on the site during construction hours throughout the construction process?  Please explain in detail.

4-40     During construction, will travel on truck routes or to abutting homes be restricted during certain times of day?

4-41     What can the company do, or has it done in the past in regards to its energy projects, to mitigate noise, sight, and air disturbances?

5-2       Please identify the exact water pipe line route and plans for construction.

5-8       Please provide detailed information regarding the impacts on biodiversity of noise, the towers, the diesel fuel tanks, the air cooled condensers, the construction site, the new overhead transmission line right of way, the connection to the existing 345 kV line, the construction of the switch yard, the new gas line connection to the newly reconstructed compressor station, the new facility access road, the construction of an underground pipe to a sewer main to the Burrillville sewage treatment plant, and the construction of a 6.8 mile new 345 kV line. 

5-10     Please calculate the number of impacted acres of land, for not only the construction of the power plant, but the construction of the staging area, the new road built for the construction phase, the construction of the 150-foot wide overhead transmission line right of way, the construction of new gas, waste water, and power lines, and any other impacted acres.

5-20     Please describe the extent of land clearing that will be required along the 6-mile stretch of the existing National Grid corridor.

6-7       Please describe in detail the planned start and end times of construction for each day as well as planned workdays (Business days M-F or full week Sun-Sat).

8-5       Should other federal agencies be listed as involved, especially FERC, as FERC is part of the Forward Capacity Market/Auction which seems to be one of the major driving forces for the construction timeline of this facility?  Please explain/clarify.

22-35 Is it possible that this revised process may impact the overall footprint of the facility and further impact wetlands? Please explain, and please submit a site plan for the revised facility.