Diesel Fuel

4-8       What is the volume of diesel fuel to be stored?  Is this the volume required for the amount of time that the plant will be allowed to run on diesel fuel?  Can the storage volume be reduced with trucking to the site in instances when the diesel is to be used?  If not, why not?

4-25     What is the capacity and structure of the retaining dike around the fuel tanks?

5-11     With regard to the diesel fuel, are the filling, conveyance, and pumping areas going to be lined to protect the ground water?  Please explain.

5-14     Please explain where your oil supply will come from.

5-15     Please explain in detail when oil will be involved in the operation of the facility.

15-1     Are you aware of whether any databases exist for accidents that have occurred at power plant sites, including, but not limited to, accidents that involve chemical spills, hydrogen accidents, fuel oil accidents, and/or ammonia accidents?  If so, please provide information regarding any such databases, including, but not limited to, electronic links, if any exist.

15-4     What onsite resources at the facility will be provided to address onsite accidents, including chemical spills and other possible accidents?  Please provide all details.

15-5     What do you expect the Town of Burrillville should do regarding service levels needed to address possible accidents at the facility, including chemical spills?

18-2     The Invenergy October 2015 Application states: (please follow link for details of question)

22-18 How exactly will Invenergy "limit winter distillate oil firing" as discussed in paragraph 2.2.1 (third paragraph)? Will the CREC be subject to pay for performance payments? If so, how much?

22-46 Do you agree that diesel exhaust has been categorized as an INRC class 1 carcinogen? If not, please explain.

22-47 Do you agree with the following excerpt from an article written by the Union of Concerned Scientists? Please explain anything you disagree with: