Adopted Resolutions

2024 Adopted Resolutions 
1-24-2024 FEMA Grant2-14-2024 EFSA Legislation
2-14-2024 League Legislative Priorities 

2-14-2024 Senate Bill 2096 LEOBOR

2-14-2024 H7263 LEOBOR2-28-2024 H7380 Public Notices
2-28-2024 Memorializing School Bond2-28-2024 Oppose APRA legislation
2-28-2024 RIDEM Grant-Spring Lake Culvert2-28-2024 RIDEM Grant-Vac Truck
2-28-2024 School Bond3-13-2024 Gun Legislation 
3-13-2024 RISE Academy 3-27-2024 Litter Free Rhode Island

3-27-2024 Oppose APRA legislation - Online Database

3-27-2024 Support of Municipal Road Fund
3-27-2024 School Funding Formula3-27-2024 Freshwater Lake Management
4-10-2024 FY2025 CIP4-10-2024 Housing Bills
4-10-2024 Victory Highway & Church Street4-10-2024 H7324 Floor Area Ratio
4-10-2024 H7382 Unrelated Individuals4-10-2024 H7978 E-Permitting
4-10-2024 S2016 LMI Requirements4-10-2024 Tangible Property Exemption
4-24-2024 Boards and Commissions Stipends6-12-2024 Economic Development District
6-12-2024 H8266 Educational Aid6-12-2024 FY25 Operating Budget
6-12-2024 CY25 Spring Lake Beach Budget6-12-2024 FY25 BPAC Budget
6-12-2024 FY25 BAAP Budget6-12-2024 FY25 Extended Care Budget
6-12-2024 FY25 Levy Rink Budget6-12-2024 FY25 Preschool Tuition Fund
6-12-2024 FY25 Summer School Fund6-12-2024 FY25 Vocational School Fund
6-12-2024 FY25 Town Restricted Fund6-12-2024 RIDEM OSCAR Grant
2023 Adopted Resolutions  
2-8-2023 Fire Station at Zambarano 2-22-2023 FY 2024 Education Aid
2-8-2023 Housing Development and Land Use2-22-2023 FY 2024 Infrastructure Funds
2-8-2023 Legislative Priorities 3-08-2023 Opposing H5461
2-8-2023 No Parking Round Top Road 3-08-2023 Victory Highway Reconstruction
2-8-2023 Tax Cap3-08-2023 ESG Investing
2-8-2023 Undesignated Fund Transfers 3-08-2023 Historical Vital Records
2-22-2023 Crystal View Drive 3-23-2023 National Small Business Week 2023
3-23-2023 Opposition to Rhode Island 2023 Gun Control Legislation 

4-12-2023 FY 2024 Capital Improvement Program 

4-12-2023 Mobile Home Liens5-10-2023 Undesignated Fund Transfers
6-14-2023 BAAP6-14-2023 BEC Operating

6-14-2023 BPAC

6-14-2023 FY24 Operating Budget
6-14-2023 Levy Rink Operating6-14-2023 Preschool Tuition Fund
6-14-2023 Spring Lake Beach Budget6-14-2023 Spring Lake Beach Budget 2
6-14-2023 Summer School Fund6-14-2023 Town Restricted Fund
6-14-2023 Vocational School Fund6-14-2023 Oppose IOD Legislation
7-26-2023 FY24 BPAC rev10-11-2023 Open Space Grant
11-08-23 DEM Grant Large Mountain Bike Park11-08-23 DEM Grant Small Spring Lake
11-08-23 Community Center Bond11-08-23 DEM Grant Barnes property
12-13-2023 Undesignated Fund Transfers 
2022 Adopted Resolutions  
1-12-2022 Payment in Lieu of Affordable Housing Fund 3-23-2022 Opposition to H7198 & S2244
1-28-2022 State of Emergency 3-23-2022 OSP Tax Agreement 
2-9-2022 Opioid Settlement Funds3-23-2022 Sale of Rec Building
2-9-2022 Opioid Settlement payment schedule 4-13-2022 Opposition to S2557 and H7829
2-23-2022 Oppose H6638 & S23404-13-2022 CIP
3-23-2022 Blackstone Watershed 4-13-2022 Gun Control Legislation 
4-13-2022 Infrastructure Bank Bond 4-13-2022 Senior Program Fund
4-13-2022 Ukraine 4-13-2022 Undesignated Fund Transfers
5-11-2022 Pascoag Reservoir 5-25-2022 Opposition to S2891
6-8-2022 BEC Operating 6-8-2022 FY23 Operating Budget
6-8-2022 Levy Rink Operating 6-8-2022 Preschool Tuition Fund
6-8-2022 Spring Lake Beach Budget 6-8-2022 Summer School Fund
6-8-2022 Town Restricted Fund 6-8-2022 Undesignated Fund Transfers
6-8-2022 Vocational School Fund 6-22-2022 Charter Technical Changes
6-22-2022 FY23 Operating Budget Amended w/ detail  6-22-2022 FY23 Operating Budget amended 
6-22-2022 RI Cannabis Act 7-20-2022 Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement 
10-12-2022 Support for Guard & Reserve 11-9-2022 Small Business Saturday 
12-13-2022 Ratify Charter 12-13-2022 SLB Calendar Year 
12-13-2022 SLB Fee Schedule 12-13-2022 Synthetic Turf Bond 
2021 Adopted Resolutions  
2-24-2021 Sewer Bonds2-24-2021 Zambarano Hospital 
3-10-2021 Gun Control Legislation3-10-2021 Tax Sale Legislation 
3-24-2021 FY2022 CIP3-24-2021 FY2022 JMS Library CIP
4-28-2021 Marijuana Legislation 4-28-2021 Waive MOE for Schools
5-12-2021 Hazard Mitigation Plan 6-9-2021 Extended Care Program Operation
6-9-2021 FY2022 CIP rev6-9-2021 FY2022 Operating Budget
6-9-2021 Levy Rink Operating 6-9-2021 Mask Mandate 
6-9-2021 Mask Mandate (2)6-9-2021 Opposition to legislation re Open Meetings
6-9-2021 Preschool Tuition Fund6-9-2021 Restricted Fund
6-9-2021 Spring Lake Beach Operating 6-9-2021 Summer School Fund
6-9-2021 Undesignated Fund 6-9-2021 Vocational School Fund
10-27-2021 FY2021 Operating Budget rev11-10-2021 Open Space Grant
12-8-2021 ARPA Fund12-8-2021 DEM Grant SLB Facilities large
12-8-2021 DEM Grant SLB Facilities small 12-8-2021 Mutual Aid NS-Gloc. 
2020 Adopted Resolutions  
1-8-2020 Class T1-8-2020 Spring Lake Beach Fee Schedule
1-22-2020 Tax Stabilization Legislation 2-12-2020 Chapel Street Sewer 
2-12-2020 School CIP Bond Legislation 3-11-2020 Class T Burrillville Only
3-11-2020 Newspaper Notices House3-11-2020 Newspaper Notices Senate
3-16-2020 State of Emergency5-28-2020 FY2021 CIP
5-28-2020 FY2021 JMS Library CIP6-10-2020 FY2021 Budget Resolution 
6-10-2020 FY2021 CIP rev16-10-2020 FY2021 Extended Care Program 
6-10-2020 FY2021 JMS Library CIP 6-10-2020 FY2021 Levy Rink 
6-10-2020 FY2021 Operating Budget 6-10-2020 FY2021 Preschool Tuition Fund
6-10-2020 FY2021 Restricted Fund6-10-2020 FY2021 Spring Lake Beach
6-10-2020 FY2021 Summer School Fund6-10-2020 FY2021 Vocational School Fund
6-24-2020 First Amendment Sanctuary 6-24-2020 Harrisville Dam Bond
6-24-2020 Victory Highway Reconstruction 8-12-2020 A LaMoore Eagle
8-12-2020 CARES Act Grant Program 8-12-2020 Support the Police
9-9-2020 Rules for Alcohol on Town Property  9-9-2020 State Assistance During COVID
10-14-2020 Exemption Computation in Maintenance of Effort 12-9-2020 Establish School Construction Fund
12-9-2020 School Construction Bond12-9-2020 School Construction Fund Transfer
12-9-2020 School Construction Project Timeline12-9-2020 State of Emergency 
2019 Adopted Resolutions  
1-9-2019 EFSA2-13-2019 Affordable Housing Fund
3-27-2019 FYE 2020 CIP4-10-2019 Oppose Labor Bills
4-24-2019 Census 20204-24-2019 Fund E911
4-24-2019 Sanctuary Town 5-8-2019 Alcohol Town Property
5-8-2019 George Eddy Drive6-12-2019 Extended Care Program 
6-12-2019 FYE2020 Budget 6-12-2019 FYE2020 CIP Amended
6-12-2019 JMS Library Unassigned Fund6-12-2019 Levy Rink 
6-12-2019 Preschool Revolving Fund6-12-2019 Spring Lake Beach
6-12-2019 Summer School Fund6-12-2019 Town Restricted Fund
6-12-2019 Vocational School Revolving Fund6-26-2019 Senior Lunch and Learn Program Funding
8-28-209 Canine Side Fund8-28-2019 Purple Heart Town 
9-25-2019 USDA Grant  
2018 Adopted Resolutions  
2-14-2018 Mutual Aid2-28-2018 Municipal Water System 
3-14-2018 Foreclosure Mediation3-14-2018 Mobile Home Tax Liens
3-14-2018 Reval Side Fund3-14-2018 SLB Enterprise Fund
3-14-2018 Transfer of Funds3-28-2018 CIP FYE2019 RESCINDED
3-28-2018 Transfer of Fund Public Works Complex4-25-2018 Financing of Water System
5-9-2018 CDBG Application 5-9-2018 CDBG PY2018
5-13-2018 Labor Arbitration 5-23-2018 Energy Facility Siting Act House
5-23-2018 Energy Facility Siting Act Senate6-13-2018 FY2019 Adopted Budget 
6-13-2018 Extended Care Program 6-13-2018 Foundation Level School Support
6-13-2018 JMS Library Unassigned Fund6-13-2018 Levy Rink
6-13-2018 Preschool Tuition Revolving Fund6-13-2018 Spring Lake Beach
6-13-2018 State Building Code 6-13-2018 Summer School Revolving Fund
6-13-2018 Town Restricted Fund6-13-2018 Vocational School Revolving Fund
7-27-2018 Animal Control Facility Reno Fund9-26-2018 Addiction Assistance Program funding
9-26-2018 Electric Car Lease9-26-2018 Substance Abuse Program 2018
9-26-2018 Substance Abuse Prog 2019 10-24-2018 Green Bond Ballot Question 
10-24-2018 Spring Lake Fees12-12-2018 Water capital fund
2017 Adopted Resolutions  
2-6-2017 Energy Facility Siting Act 2-6-2017 Taxation of Electricity Generating Facilities
2-22-2017 Mill Pond Road Adoption 3-8-2017 Motor Vehicle Tax
5-10-2017 Land Trust 5-10-2017 Subdivision of Land
5-24-2017 Municipal Participation in Recycling6-14-2017 Burrillville Extended Care
6-14-2017 FY2018 Budget 6-14-2017 Levy Ice Rink 
6-14-2017 Preschool Tuition Revolving Fund6-14-2017 Spring Lake Beach
6-14-2017 Town Restricted Fund6-21-2017 CIP Budget Amendment
7-12-2017 General Obligation Refunding Bonds7-12-2017 Public Works Complex Fund
11-8-2017 DEM Grant Application 12-13-2017 Budget Correction
12-13-2017 School Capital Fund12-13-2017 School Capital Projects
12-13-2017 Spring Lake Fee Schedule  
2016 Adopted Resolutions  
1-13-2016 Ledgewood Lane1-27-2016 Taxes on Manufacturing or Commercial Properties
3-7-2016 Taxation of Electricity Generating Facilities3-23-2016 FY2017 CIP
3-23-2016 State Aid to Libraries 4-13-2016 CDBG
6-7-2016 Burrillville Extended Care6-7-2016 FY2017 Budget
6-7-2016 Levy Rink6-7-2016 Preschool Tuition 
6-7-2016 Spring Lake Beach6-7-2016 Summer School 
6-7-2016 Town Restricted Fund6-8-2016 Opposition to House and Senate Bills
7-13-2016 Bicycle Transportation System 7-13-2016 Charter Amendment
9-22-2016 Power Plant Opposition 9-28-2016 Accept George Eddy Drive
10-12-2016 Opposition to Access Northeast Project 10-13-2016 Spring Lake Beach Fee Schedule
11-3-2016 Power Plant Decommissioning11-3-2016 Power Plant Property Value Agreement
11-3-2016 Power Plant Tax Agreement 12-13-2016 Clear River Energy Fund
12-14-2016 Home Rule Charter Ratification  
2015 Adopted Resolutions 
1-28-2015 RhodeMap RI3-25-2015 CIP Adoption 
3-25-2015 H 5892 Ind F4-22-2015 Women's Lung Health 
5-13-2015 Oppose H 50445-27-2015 Tax Stabilization for Alashan
6-10-2015 Adopted FY 2016 Budget6-10-2015 Extended Care Program
6-10-2015 Levy Rink 6-10-2015 Preschool Tuition Revolving Fund
6-10-2015 Spring Lake Beach 6-10-2015 Summer School Revolving Fund
6-10-2015 Town Restricted Fund8-26-2015 Quonset 
9-23-2015 CDBG 9-23-2015 School Refunding Bonds
10-28-2015 Clean Water