Adopted Resolutions

2017 Adopted Resolutions

2-6-2017 Energy Facility Siting Act2-6-2017 Taxation of Electricity Generating Facilties
2-22-2017 Mill Pond Road Adoption3-8-2017 Motor Vehicle Tax
5-10-2017 Land Trust5-10-2017 Subdivision of Land
5-24-2017 Municipal Participation in Recycling6-14-2017 Burrillville Extended Care
6-14-2017 CIP Budget Amendment6-14-2017 FY2018 Budget
6-14-2017 Levy Ice Rink6-14-2017 Preschool Tuition Revolving Fund
6-14-2017 Spring Lake Beach6-14-2017 Town Restricted Fund
7-12-2017 Public Works Complex Fund7-12-2017 General Obligation Refunding Bonds
11-8-2017 DEM Grant Application12-13-2017 Budget Correction
12-13-2017 School Capital Fund12-13-2017 School Capital Projects
12-13-2017 Spring Lake Beach Fee Schedule 


2016 Adopted Resolutions

12-14-2016 Home Rule Charter Ratification12-13-2016 Clear River Energy Fund
11-3-2016 Power Plant Tax Agreement11-3-2016 Power Plant Property Value Agreement
11-3-2016 Power Plant Decommissioning (Decommissioning Agreement)10-13-2016 Spring Lake Beach Fee Schedule
9-28-2016 Accept George Eddy Drive9-22-2016 Opposition to Power Plant
7-13-2016 Charter Amendments7-13-2016 Bicycle Transporation System
6-8-2016 Opposition to House & Senate Bills6-7-2016 Town Restricted Fund
6-7-2016 Summer School Revolving Fund6-7-2016 Spring Lake Beach
6-7-2016 Preschool Tuition6-7-2016 Levy Rink
6-7-2016 FY2017 Budget6-7-2016 Burrillville Extended Care
4-13-2016 CDBG3-23-2016 State Aid to Libraries
3-23-2016 FY2017 CIP3-7-2016 Taxation of Electricity Generating Facilities
1-27-2016 Taxes on Manufacturing or Commercial Properties1-13-2016 Ledgewood Lane